Working with you

We work mainly with the Public Sector and have a portfolio of over 70 clients and 250 projects.

Our aim is to create opportunities for organisations to improve their strategic decision-making. We use a range of interventions, but specialise in the use of simulation modelling and in particular, System Dynamics Models.

How can we help?

System Dynamics models enable us to help you look at impact across complex systems. We work with people from all disciplines - clinicians, managers, social care practitioners, public health advisors, policy analysts, and information managers - usually in mixed teams. We create risk free environments where plans can be tested in the equivalent of a 'flight simulator' for decision makers.

We have a successful track record supporting Clinical and Managerial networks. Working together in networks and networking have played a critical part in the development of modern public sector services. This approach is likely to strengthen over the next 12-18 months as these networks become part of the fabric of the new health and social care architecture.

In collaboration with our sister company eMosaic, we have developed a range of online tools for clients enabling their direct access through simple web browsing facilities.

We also provide a range of wider management consultancy services and can help in strategy development, policy review and service re-design.