Promoting the Context and Value of Nursing in the North West

On this page you can find all of the background material and continuing work relating to this project. Work began in February 2013 and will continue through to March 2015.

The 9 Mental Health and Learning Disability Trusts in the North West of England have been working collaboratively to improve the quality and reputation of their Nursing services. The Directors of Nursing (DoN) network agreed a statement of intent and secured funding to support the process.

The work overall has been approached in 2 Phases, and Symmetric has been appointed to support both phases. Phase 1 was a process of project development, involving background research, an overview of potential areas and final agreement about priorities. This was complete in June 2013. Phase 2 is about delivery of the 4 priority areas that emerged, and is expected to be complete at the latest by March 2015.

A Project Board, Chaired by Heather Tierney-Moore, Chief Executive of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, oversees the process and individual DoNs have been identified as project sponsors for the 4 priority areas. As sponsors, DoNs have engaged additional support and are producing a series of recommendations. Trusts across the North West are free to make use of the results of the work locally as they become available and as appropriate to their circumstances.

The 4 priority areas are;

Below you will find links to the background reports and material developed to date. Please check in regularly as progress is being updated continuously.

Project documentation

1. Phase 1 – project development;

Project Initiation Document - Dec 2012

Project Reports - April 2013

Resource Paper - April 2013

Project Report - Supplementary Paper - Revised Outline Proposals - June 2013


2. Phase 2 – delivery


Terms of Reference 

Project Plan

Project Update - March 2014

Project Update - October 2014


Terms of Reference

Literature Review

Final Report March 2014


Programme Board

Terms of Reference

Agenda - Board meeting - May 2013

Notes - Board meeting - May 2013

Agenda - Board meeting - November 2013

Notes - Board meeting - November 2013

Update Paper - Board meeting - November 2013

Agenda - Board meeting - March 2014

Notes - Board meeting -  March 2014

Update Paper - Board meeting - March 2014

Agenda and Papers (combined) - Board meeting - July 2014

Agenda and Papers (combined) - Board meeting - October 2014



May 2014

July 2014

October 2014