Dementia Services - Modelling the Impact of New Services in Health and Social Care


Using the model, NHS commissioners can implement strategies that will;

  • Review the impact of a range of Dementia service interventions, both for the LA and local NHS
  • Decide an appropriate service strategy, jointly if preferred
  • Avoid a significant element of the expected growth in cost and, in some cases, achieve actual savings
  • Improve service quality by avoiding unnecessary hospital and/or care home admission

Key features

With more funding available for research and its own national CQIUIN, Dementia is getting the recognition we think it deserves. But the broader challenge remains, as set out in the National Dementia Strategy; over the next 30 years there will be a doubling in the number of people with dementia and a trebling in the cost of their care.

Our model, based on work in London, the East Midlands and Surrey, tests the impact of introducing new service initiatives. It measures the quantitative impact in terms of cost; and the qualitative impact in terms of admissions (to care homes and hospital).

We tested the impact of implementing 9 specific services, both as individual developments and in combination with others. We used available evidence to describe the impact and scaled this to the local population. We also grouped them under ‘Prevention’, ‘Community’ and ‘Care homes/Admissions Avoidance’. A summary of the results is shown below:


The model helps commissioners develop informed strategies about the future organisation and delivery of services for people with Dementia.

The initiatives themselves are significant contenders for QIPP projects locally and a potential major contributor to NHS efficiency gains.

Why not use the model yourself, with your own data, to develop a local business case for change?

You can get everything you need to download the model, guidance on operating it and inputting data, and how to interpret the findings here.

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