Clinical and Managerial Networks

Working together in networks and networking have played a critical part in the development of modern public sector services.

This approach is likely to strengthen over the next 12-18 months as clinical senates and clinical networks become part of the fabric of the new health and social care architecture.


At Symmetric we have specialised in facilitating small niche groups of senior clinicians and managers as a way of enabling a more effective conversation about day to day shared business interests, about strategy and influence and about the impact of policy. These small but influential networks play a vital part in providing coherence when the overriding norm is characterised by the fact that ‘systems’ are always changing.

Since 2001 we have worked with and developed a number of Groups and now facilitate and support the arrangements for seven small networks across England. We help structure the time, provide support on the development of priorities and the content that enhances this and we put time into forming the relationships that enable Groups to gain credibility with senior colleagues from government and other agencies such that they are well attended and listened to.

Our approach which has developed over time benefits from a number of key features and ingredients. It will include at least the following;

  • Meaningful relationships
  • Common purpose
  • Structured time
  • Motivated members

Whether you are interested in a one off exploratory network meeting or have been trying and struggling to get a group or network off the ground we would be pleased to share our experience and help you develop your thinking.

To find out more and to discuss your needs contact David Monk directly.